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Passmore Edwards said “Public libraries are, in my opinion, entitled to public support because they are educative, recreative, and useful; because they bring the products of research and information, and the stored wisdom of ages and nations, within easy reach of the poorest citizens. "All may not use them, but all may do so if they like; and as they are means of instructing and improving some, all are directly or indirectly benefited by them.”

He had campaigned in support of William Ewart over the First Free libraries Acts, in 1850 and later funded twenty four public libraries as well as providing libraries at village institutes, convalescent homes, boys clubs, and nurses homes, and providing more than 80,000 books.


Pitfield Street Library, Hoxton



Whitechapel Free Library & Museum


Haggerston Library, Shoreditch


Camborne Free Library

Redruth Free Library

Nunhead Free Library

Falmouth Free Library

Truro Free Library

Dulwich Public Library

Edmonton Free Library

St Ives Free Library

Liskeard Free Library

Bodmin Free Library & Technical School

Pitfield Street Library, Hoxton

Shepherds Bush Library

St George's in the East Library


Borough Road Library, Southwark


Plashet Library, East Ham



Acton Free Library


Launceston Library & Science & Art Schools


Limehouse Free Library


Bow Library, Roman Road, Bow


North Camberwell Library


Plaistow Free Library


Newton Abbot Library, Devon


St Brides Printing Library, Fleet Street