This web site has been developed
as part of the Passmore Edwards Centennial to mark the centenary
of the death of John Passmore Edwards, in 2011.

The aim of the Centennial is to recognise the contribution that Passmore Edwards made to Society,
as a lifelong champion of the working classes, and through his bequests .
During a period of a little more than fourteen years, more than seventy public buildings were erected as a result of his bequests and many continue to be used “for the Public Good”.

The Centennial seeks to link the communities he once supported with a programme of events at as many of the surviving buildings as possible, involving the organisations associated with them and the communities to which they were so freely given.
The website will remain, as a permanent archive of information relating to Passmore Edwards and the events which were held during this centenary year.

Last update: 4 April 2011

  This website is developed with support from the Cornwall Heritage Trust